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Sunny's Spot

13 November 1980
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An angel in the book of life
wrote down my baby's birth
and whispered as she closed the book
"too beautiful for earth"

I am a....
-Best Friend

But, above all else I am a Mommy to four beautiful little girls.
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My husband and I own a small farm in the middle of nowhere. Much of my time is taken up with caring for our animals. I also own my own photgraphy business. Between the business, the farm and my family I am a pretty busy woman.

My journal is completely Friends Only. If you would like me to add you just comment on my public entry and most likely I will do so.

Things you should know about my journal and journaling habits....
-I post lots of pictures
**-pictures of my kids, myself, my pets, my home, my clients and various random things
-I sometimes go for weeks without posting anything
-I am not the most active commenter
**-I will comment when I feel I have something to say
**-Just because I don't comment does not mean that I don't read your entries
So, if you can handle those things, go ahead and comment on my public entry!